small things that can bring you joy

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Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
61. Take a Warm Bath
A long, warm soak in the tub can alleviate stress and bolster relaxation. Add essential oils to the water for added skin hydration.
62. Listen to Running Water
The sound of running water be it from a rolling brook, waterfall, or faucet is proven to lower stress, boost happiness, and evoke a feeling of calm.
63. Sigh
A long, deep sigh can make all the difference. It s the physical act of letting go grief, anxiety, sleepiness. Whatever burden you re holding on to. Take a deep breath, sigh, and enjoy a sense of relief.
64. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
We feel good when we eat good. It s as simple as that. Magnesium (found in spinach), calcium (found in kale) and chromium (found in broccoli) are all proven to enhance not only our health but our overall mood.
65. Daydream
Visualize your future. Or just let your mind wander. Whatever your brain decides to settle on, close your eyes, open your mind, and just let go. When you daydream, you strengthen your creativity and wellbeing.
66. Listen to Music
Music is scientifically proven to ease pain, reduce stress, elevate mood and a slew of other wonderful things that are great for our physical and emotional betterment. Listening to fast music can actually motivate and increase endurance, while slow music can help a person relax as well as prevent overeating.
67. Appreciate a Work of Art
Cultured people are happier. That s because they spend more of their moments taking in images of beauty be it a watercolor by Van Gogh or a finger painting by your fiveyearold daughter. So feast your eyes. Feast them often.
68. Let Go of Anger
Contrary to popular belief, the act of venting when we re angry either by throwing a few jabs at a punching bag or talking it out with a friend serves only to make us feel worse. Researchers have found that doing nothing when we re angry essentially ignoring the emotion more quickly leads us back to a state happiness.
69. Spend Time With Friends and Family
Nurture your relationships. Losing touch with friends and family is one of the top 5 regrets people have on their deathbed.
70. Buy Now Enjoy Later
Studies show that for many people the best part of a vacation is looking forward to it. This applies to everyday life in all sorts of ways. Book your massage for a few weeks out rather than today. Plan your movie date a week in advance. Savor the anticipation.

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