small things that can bring you joy

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Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
11. Spend Time With Your Favorite Canine
Spending time with man s best friend is a foolproof happiness booster. Not only do dogs improve our happiness, they have also been found toalleviate loneliness and improve our overall health. Dog owners have been known to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, too.
12. Practice Forgiveness
By offering someone our forgiveness no matter how grave the offense we let go of the hurt and anger that person stirred in us, therebycreating more space for happier emotions. On our journey to collect joy from our everyday surroundings, we must also dispose of any residual negativity. Saying, I forgive you, is a great start.
13. Create Something Artistic
Creativity breeds happiness. Painting, sculpting, jewelry making, and music writing are all examples of activities we can engage in to work our creative muscle, thereby inviting into our lives more happiness.
14. Keep a Journal
Believe it or not, you can write your way to happiness. Penning your feelings helps your brain process and expunge the negatives ones, leaving you more joyful.
15. Get a Houseplant
You can elevate your mood simply by surrounding yourself with nature even the potted kind. Plants will also improve indoor air quality. The more time you spend around leafy, green things, the better you re apt to feel.
16. Give Thanks
Grateful people are more likely to be happy and optimistic. So don t save it all for Thanksgiving. Make a habit of showing gratitude for the circumstances and people around you.
17. Breathe Deeply
Taking deep, slow breaths on a regular basis can help you relax. Breathing deeply also prevents disease, slows the aging process, and increases happiness.
18. Meditate
The ancient practice of meditation is proven to make you happier, more focused, and more evenkeeled. Researchers say it can even make you nicer.
19. Dance
Dancing on a regular basis can improve your mood and boost your overall mental health and wellbeing. It can also relieve back and neck pain, stress, and anxiety. Plus, it s fun! So go on shake your groove thing!
20. Do Some Spring Cleaning
Ornamenting our homes with art we love and objects of meaning can create a happinessinducing space. But the extra clutter we accumulate over the years can be counterproductive, leaving us feeling disorganized and claustrophobic. It ll serve you well to clear out those unwanted belongings as they accumulate.

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