sign of pregnancy

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Sign Of Pregnancy

21. Frequent trips to the bathroom
Frequent urination is a big complaint amongst pregnant women. Some women dont have problems with this until later in pregnancy, but for many, frequent urination becomes a problem right away. Your blood volume increases dramatically during pregnancy. As your kidneys work hard to process the extra fluids, you may end up using the bathroom more often. In addition, your uterus is growing and expanding which may put extra pressure on your bladder, causing you to have to urinate more frequently.
22. Heightened sense of smell
Peeu that stinks! Are you noticing the odor of the trash can from two rooms away or does the smell of chicken frying up in the pan make you feel ill? This is one thing women may notice before they even realize theyre pregnant. Pregnant womens noses dont get any bigger and there arent actually any changes that we know about that occur within the olfactory system, but none the less, its a symptom that lots of newly pregnant moms experience. Were not entirely sure what causes this symptom but it may have something to do with the increase in estrogen levels.
23. Food aversions
When you think of pregnant women and food you normally think of cravings. Cravings are a well known pregnancy symptom, but not necessarily one of the early ones. Cravings before your period start could easily be explained away as a PMS symptom. Women often crave chocolate or sweets before they start their period. Aversions, on the other hand, are not generally thought of as a PMS symptom. If certain foods all of a sudden dont taste quite right or your morning cup of coffee is no longer appealing, this could be an early pregnancy symptom.
24. Increased thirst
Chug a lug. Are you feeling thirsty? Feeling thirsty isnt one of the symptoms you hear a lot about but its something that lots of women deal with in early pregnancy. They may just not realize that its an early symptom. In early pregnancy your blood volume increases. This can cause frequent urination but it can also make you feel thirsty.
25. What to do
If youre having what could be early pregnancy symptoms but your period isnt late yet, you may be wondering when you should take a pregnancy test. Early symptoms, no matter how many and how strong they are, dont always mean that you will get a positive result even if you are pregnant. Most home tests on the market these days are very sensitive, but the closer you are to having a late period, the more accurate the test will be. Its best to wait until your period is late before testing, but if you are anxious to take a test you may be able to get a positive as early as 4 to 5 days before a missed period, depending on what test you take.

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