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Selfie Ideas

Learning how to pose for a selfie will make a much bigger difference in how you look in the photo.
1. Selfie
A selfie is a self portrait photograph or group photograph featuring the photographer, typically taken with a hand held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter and MySpace. They are usually flattering and made to appear casual. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arms length or pointed at a mirror, rather than by using a self timer.
2. Capture a good angle
Instead of taking the picture head on, experiment with different angles to show off your features. If you turn your head a few degrees to the right or left, your features will appear less flat. Holding the camera slightly higher than your head so that its pointing down on you will make your eyes look bigger and help you avoid pig nose. Here are a few other ideas for finding a good angle
Know your good side and take the photo from that side of your face. Its the side of your face that looks the most balanced and symmetrical.
Angling the camera slightly above yourself and taking a snapshot of your face and chest will highlight your cleavage. Since this position is fairly unnatural, odds are, you already know what the camera will focus on when you take a selfie like this.
3. Show off something new
If you decide to take a selfie to show off a new haircut or a new pair of earrings, make sure that you frame the photo in a way that highlights the new feature that has you so excited.
4. Be sure to smile or do something cheerful
A sad face or a frown will not help.A selfie showing off your new hairstyle, for example, should show your hair from the most flattering angle. On a similar note, a selfie showing off a mustache should show the mustache straight on, and the same goes for a selfie showing off a new pair of glasses.You could also take a selfie holding a new item you just bought, or even a food item youre about to eat.
5. Focus on one feature
If youre planning on doing a closeup of your face, consider glamming up one feature while downplaying the others. This works especially well if there is one feature that you are especially pleased with.
For instance, if you love your eyes, play them up with mascara and complementary eye shadow while keeping your complexion and lips fairly natural.
Likewise, if your smile is your most charming feature, keep your cheeks and eyes looking natural while donning a stunningly beautiful lipstick.
6. Have an interesting expression
You cant go wrong with smiling! Maybe smiling for the camera or camera phone, as the case might be makes you feel a little silly, but taking a random photo of yourself with your phone is a silly enough action in itself. If youre on the serious side, a cool, collected expression could also go over well.
You can play around with different smiles, of course. A closed mouth coy smile can be just as appropriate and just as flattering as a wide, laughing grin. No matter what, a smile is one of the most appreciated and charming expressions you can wear.
It can be hard to make sure your expression looks authentic. One way to make it look more real is to try to capture yourself when youre feeling an emotion. Try taking a selfie while youre watching a movie thats making you genuinely laugh, or right after you find out some shocking news.
7. Take a full length photo
If you want to show off a great new outfit or a fabulous figure after a diet, you will need to stand in front of a full length mirror to capture your body from head to toe. In this instance, your face is no longer the focus of the photo.
Take full body shots in a clutter free space. The photo should focus completely on your figure, not on random objects in the background.
You can appear more slender by slightly cocking your hip to the same side you are holding your camera in. Your opposite shoulder should come forward a bit, and your free arm should either dangle to your side or your free hand can rest on your hip. The chest should lean forward naturally, and the legs should be crossed at the ankle.
8. Try a natural look
You can take a picture of yourself as the outside world always sees you, but taking a snapshot of yourself with bedhead or minimal makeup can give the illusion that youre giving your social media followers a glimpse at the real you. This can be both interesting and sexy.
If your just out of bed look is more of a nightmare than a dream, however, you can straighten up a little. Even light makeup can give the impression that you are showing your natural face, especially if you tend to wear much more makeup than what you put on for your selfie.
9. Snap a photo of your shoes
If you decide to take a selfie of your feet after you slip on a great new pair of shoes, angle the camera so that your leg appears slender as it leads up to your foot.Aim the camera straight down. The edge of the frame should land somewhere on your thighs, fairly close to your hips. This angle makes your legs look as long as possible.
10. Know which poses are considered passe
There are certain selfie poses that became wildly popular and are now well past their prime. You can still contribute your own examples to the mix, but do it with a little self awareness so people know youre in on the joke. Notable choices include the infamous duck face, muscle flexing, pretending to be asleep, or pretending to be caught off guard by someone else.
The duck face is a combination of puckered lips and wide eyes, originally made famous by Snookie and friends. Do it at your own risk.
Taking a selfie and pretending that someone else took it is hard to pull off. There will be some clue in your posture or actions that will give you away and open you up to criticism. If you do it with a slight smile or a wink, people will realize its an intentional setup.

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