rules to play ultimate frisbee

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Rules to play Ultimate Frisbee

31. Never contact opposing players
Psychically contacting players on the opposing team is illegal. Picks, screens, and other disruptive plays are not allowed in Ultimate Frisbee. Its important for defenders to be disruptive and guard the other team, much as in basketball, but without actually coming into contact.It is up to the defender guarding the player in possession of the Frisbee to count to 10, usually aloud. It is this defenders job to police 10 second infractions.
32. Play to 15 points
Typically, a game of Ultimate Frisbee ends when one team scores 15 points, though you can amend this rule to fit your time constraints and your desires for the game. Typically, a game to 15 can take as long as an hour and a half, so you might want to play to seven or 10, if you dont have that long.
33. Police yourselves
Ultimate Frisbee is uniquely anarchic. Even in regulation play, no referees or line judges are used to govern play. Fouls, points, and disputes are resolved on field by the two teams. Ultimate Frisbee requires honesty and goodwill, making it a game of trust and fun.Sometimes an observer is used to offer some objective party, uncommitted to each side, who may be used for procedural details, such as keeping track of the time.
34. Make quick passes
The difference between teams that are good at Ultimate Frisbee and teams that are just playing is in the speed of the passes. Practice making quick, crisp, accurate passes with your teammates and moving quickly down the field to keep the defense off balance. Though the player in possession has 10 seconds to hold onto the Frisbee, it should be a rarity that a player holds the Frisbee for longer than five.Dont worry about making hail mary passes that launch all the way down the field. These types of passes are low probability and will more often result in picks, than in long point opportunities.
35. Dont rush it
Unless you see a great opportunity, you dont need to charge down the field as soon as you grab the Frisbee. Focus on making high probability passes and controlling the possession of the disc, not in scoring immediately. If youve got the Frisbee, possess it. Make crisp and accurate passes and move down the field gradually, gaining territory.Like in soccer, you can move in any direction when youve got possession of the disc. If you need to make a few passes backward to regroup and control the field, do so. You generally want to be going forward and not back, but it can be a good way of strategizing.
36. Move to open space
When youre not in possession of the Frisbee, you need to be constantly moving into open space, looking to get open. Spread out. Make cuts, juke out your defenders, and hustle, hustle, hustle. Learn to make crossing patterns in your cuts, taking short routes across the path of the player in possession of the disc, rather than moving parallel. This will result in higher probability passes and help you control the disc. It gives the player in possession more options.
37. Practice pattern routes
Like in basketball, soccer, or almost any team sport, its important to have a few plays drawn up, especially when you get into scoring pattern. Whether you want to give them fancy names Flying V on one, on one! or just run them on the down low, moving the offense in pre drawn patterns is a good way to juke out the defense and stay ahead of the game.If the player in possession knows what kind of route youre likely to run, the passes can go to open space and allow players to run them down.
38. Mark up player to player on defense
When youre playing defense, the best way to mark up is usually man to man, by marking up on one player for the whole game and sticking to them like glue. Defense should be played much as a combination of basketball and football, using your arms to disrupt the shots of the player youre guarding and trying to pick off passes.Defenders need to give the offensive player a bubble, at least a yard around the point of possession. You cant get in close enough to physically touch the player in possession of the disc. Remember no contact.When youre running with players on defense, try to watch their hips instead of watching for the Frisbee. Stay between them and the player in possession of the disc, to give yourself the best chance of picking one off.

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