rules to play surfing

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Rules to play Surfing

11. Making Trades
After each event, each owner will be permitted to make trades before the next event starts. The owner can make as many changes as he she wants before the start of the first heat of the first round of next event, provided that the cumulative dollar value of the surfers at the time they were added does not exceed the $50,000,000 salary cap. Once done trading, owner must click the save button to confirm trade.
12. The REVERT Button
After Event , each player will be able to hit the revert button which will switch your team back to the same team you had at the end of the previous event. This should help prevent any accidental drops of players that have changed in value.
13. No Trading
All trading will be closed at the start of the first heat and open again at the end of that event. In other words, trading is disabled when the actual event is being contested.
14. Point Scoring
Surfer points are based on the number of competitors they defeat and their finishing position in each of the actual World Tour events. All 36 competitors (Top 34, plus wildcards) will score between 36 and 200 points. Whenever one of your surfers scores points, your team scores points. Obviously, the more points your team scores for each event, the better. Each team will be awarded the cumulative total points for the eight surfers selected for the current World Tour event.
15. Breaking Ties
Ties will be broken after each event by comparing each owners top scoring surfer for the event just completed. If the tie is still not broken, this process continues with the second top scoring surfer and so forth down the team until the tie is broken. If the two tied winners have the exact same scores for all eight of their surfers then their total event to date points will be used to break the tie. If they are still tied after this, then the participant with the highest current balance in his her cash account will win. After that, any prizes will be split. Your teams overall standing will be determined by adding up your team scores for each event. The overall winner of the Fantasy Surfer challenge is the team that accumulates the highest fantasy points for the best nine events. Ties for overall positions will be resolved the same way that ties are broken after each event, using the final event results. In the rare event that two or more teams tie for the Grand Prize, the winner will be team with the earliest registration date. The Fantasy Surfer scoring is set up so the surfers all finish the event with an individual placing. For example, if you have one of the 16 surfers on your team who lost in the third round but had the highest point total for that round he gets the points for 9th place (104 points). The surfer who has the next highest total score from round two gets 10th place all the way down to 18th place.
16. Alcohol
Surfing under the influence is not a good idea. Save the drinking for the after surf bragging session at your local where you can tell everyone just how many barrels you got earlier.
17. Be Aware
Be aware of other surfers and water users, of the surf conditions, and of where you are surfing. (See below under Patrolled Beaches.)
18. Comfort Zone
You should surf in waves that you are comfortable with. Dont get in over your head.
19. Fitness
Make sure you are physically fit when surfing. You need to be able to swim back to shore if you lose your board at the end of an exhausting session no mean feat in a 3 metre swell.
20. Food
As with swimming, do not go surfing for at least 45 minutes after a meal.

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