rules to play snow sledding

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Wet Their Appetites

Rules to play Snow Sledding

Wet Their Appetites

Its extra hard for kids and adults to gauge their hydration needs in the winter months. In fact, a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows that cold temperatures actually alter thirst sensation. We lose an appreciable amount of water while breathing outdoors in the chilly air, drying us out even more. But just because your snow man isnt soaked in sweat doesnt mean he doesnt need to rehydrate. Keep giving him water throughout the day, just like you would in the summer. And consider this a smart reason to indulge kids in some hot cocoa hey, its water too.

Baby Its Cold Outside
Choose the Right Hill
Protect Their Skin
Snow Tubing Improved
Get the Right Kind of Sled
Protect Little Hands
Tubing Warning
Cancellation Policy
Dressing For Fun and Function
The Origins of Snow Tubing
Please Know
Take a Breather
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