rules to play snow sledding

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Protect Little Hands

Rules to play Snow Sledding

Protect Little Hands

Its easy for fingers and toes to grow downright icy as your little ones body strains to conserve energy for his core, giving extremities the shivery shaft. Mittens will keep hands toastier than gloves, and they can still effectively scoop snowballs and build forts. Look for a quality mitten or glove that offers insulation as well as waterproof protection from wet, melting snow, experts say. For even more protection, choose handwear that extends up the childs forearm to keep snow out, or try a shirt glove combo no wet hands, no lost mittens.

Down below, the goal is to keep feet warm and dry. If you dress them in thick, heavy socks (again, stay away from cotton), OBrien advises going up a shoe size to avoid a too tight fit Excess compression reduces socks insulating effects and reduces blood flow to feet. Not a good combo. Boot quality is important too Kids tootsies need insulating, waterproof footwear. Post play, dry boots with a boot dryer so theyre in good shape (and not damp and smelly) for the next round of play.

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