rules to play snow sledding

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Rules to play Snow Sledding

11. Take a Breather
Kids loving see their breath in the air, but for asthmatics, simply taking a breath in subzero temps can be challenging. Thats because cold, dry air is a risk factor for asthmatics, more likely to provoke the condition than warm, moist air. Just as the cold dries and chaps your hands, it can also be drying to the lungs, causing tightening of the bronchial muscles, says Amy Burack, R.N., community asthma programs manager for Childrens Hospital Boston. Talk with your pediatrician to see if you should prepare for winter play with a preventive inhaler or other medication. Pull a neck warmer up over little mouths to warm the air before its inhaled and monitor them for early warning signs of an impending asthma attack, such as shortness of breath, wheezing, dizziness, or chest pain. Spot trouble? Have them head inside ASAP and treat with moist heat, like taking a steamy shower. Follow up with hot chocolate Doctors orders.
12. Dress for Success
Since sledding involves playing in the snow outdoors during wintertime, chances are its going to be cold. Frostbite and even hypothermia are potential dangers. So is hitting your head. Be sure to wear the proper clothing to stay warm and safe.Wear sensible winter clothing hats, gloves or mittens, snow pants, winter jacket, snow boots that is waterproof and warm, and change into something dry if your clothes get wet. Avoid wearing scarves or any clothing that can get caught in a sled and pose a risk of strangulation.Wear a helmet designed for winter sports. If you dont have a ski or winter sports helmet, at least wear the helmet you use for biking or skateboarding.
13. Choose the Right Hill
When hills get coated with snow, they may all look like great locations for sledding. But not all hills are safe. Choose yours carefully. Here are a few guidelines to followSelect a hill that is not too steep and has a long flat area at the bottom for you to glide to a stop.Avoid hillsides that end near a street or parking lot.Avoid hillsides that end near ponds, trees, fences or other hazards.Make sure the hill is free of obstacles such as jumps, bumps, rocks, poles, or trees before you begin sledding.Choose hills that are snowy rather than icy. An icy slope makes for a hard landing if you fall off your sled.Sled during the daytime, when visibility is better. If you go sledding at night, make sure the hillside is well lit and all potential hazards are visible.
14. Get the Right Kind of Sled
The best sleds can be steered by their riders and have brakes to slow them down. Avoid sleds that cant be steered, such as tubes, saucers, or toboggans, and never use a sled substitute like a lunch tray or cardboard box. Good sleds are relatively cheap to buy and are well worth the extra money.
15. These Simple Safety Rules
Youve got the right kind of sled and a helmet that fits correctly, youre dressed warmly, and youve picked out a perfect hill. Youre ready to go. Follow these rules to keep yourself and other sledders safe

Designate a go to adult. In the event someone gets injured, youll want an adult on hand to administer first aid and, if necessary, take the injured sledder to the emergency room.
Always sit face forward on your sled. Never sled down a hill backwards or while standing, and dont go down the hill face first, as this greatly increases the risk of a head injury.
Young kids (5 and under) should sled with an adult, and kids younger than 12 should be actively watched at all times.
Go down the hill one at a time and with only one person per sled (except for adults with young children).
Never build an artificial jump or obstacle on a sledding hill.
Keep your arms and legs within the sled at all times, and if you fall off the sled, move out of the way. If you find yourself on a sled that wont stop, roll off it and get away from it.
Walk up the side of the hill and leave the middle open for other sledders.
Never ride a sled that is being pulled by a moving vehicle.

16. Restrictions
Children must be at least 36 inches tall to tube. One person, one tube, no exceptions. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Each participant must be seated in the tube at all times. Tubing on your stomach or any other position is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from the Tubing Park.
17. Tubing Tips
Temperature, wind, and precipitation affect the speed of snow tubing. Younger and or more timid tubers may prefer our mid day session when track conditions are more moderate.
18. Please Know
Snowmaking may be in progress as temperatures permit. Hard shell or ski boots are not permitted in the Tube Park. Weather and track conditions permitting, we allow chaining of tubes at our discretion.
19. Tubing Warning
Please see the Winter Sports Safety Act. All guests participating in Snowtubing must agree to the following statement upon issuance of their tubing ticketSnowtubing involves risks and dangers. I understand that lane conditions vary constantly and that there are risks of high speed, collisions in and beyond the lane, leaving the lane and slipping and falling. I agree to tube only in my designated lane and only when released by an attendant. I understand and agree to remain aware of and avoid other tubers while exiting the tubing lanes. I accept responsibility for my own safety and assume all risks of injury, death or property damage. I also agree to follow all Wintergreen instructions. I understand that I can return this ticket for a full refund, within 30 minutes of purchase, if I do not agree to accept these conditions. I understand that this ticket is revocable at any time if I do not comply with any applicable term. This ticket is non transferable.
20. The Origins of Snow Tubing
Snow tubing is rumored to have originated back in the 1820s in the Alpine Mountains. And what do you think made the people of the 1820s want to slide down a slope covered in snow. Its fun! And it still is because the basics of this winter activity are why it remains such a great winter activity for all to this day. That being family friendly fun in the mountains. And Keystone Resorts Snow Tubing at Adventure Point has all three.

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