rules to play hot air ballooning

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Rules to play Hot Air Ballooning


Sometimes, especially at balloon festivals or other special events, balloons are flown while tied to the ground with ropes (tethers). This enables quick rides to many passengers, instead of long rides drifting with the wind away from the event with one load of passengers. Tethering techniques depend on the balloon manufacturers instructions and wind conditions. Tethers can be attached to the basket, burner support, or the top of the envelope. A night glow is a tethered flight in darkness to enhance visual effects. While typical day flights use the main valve, using an efficient blue flame, at night tethered pilots use the liquid valve whisper burner (cow burner, as it does not startle livestock), creating a spectacular bright orange flame.

Set up
Poor visibility
Hot air balloon physics operation
Preflight preparation
Balloon fiesta
Hot air balloon physics analysis
Winter flight
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