rules to play fox hunting

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Terrier man

Rules to play Fox Hunting

Terrier man

Carries out fox control. Most hunts where the object is to kill the fox will employ a terrier man, whose job it is to control the terriers which may be used underground to corner or flush the fox. Often voluntary terrier men will follow the hunt as well. In the UK and Ireland, they often ride quadbikes with their terriers in boxes on their bikes.In addition to members of the hunt staff, a committee may run the Hunt Supporters Club to organise fundraising and social events and in America many hunts are incorporated and have parallel lines of leadership.Britain, Ireland and America each have a Masters of Foxhounds Association MFHA which consists of current and past masters of foxhounds. This is the governing body for all foxhound packs and deals with disputes about boundaries between hunts, as well as regulating the activity.

Proper turnout
Shooting packs
The scoring
Cub hunting
Honorary secretaries
Whippers in
Master of Foxhounds
Pest control
The object
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