rules to play bocce ball

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Standard penalties

Rules to play Bocce Ball

Standard penalties

1. For the violation of any rule that requires the removal of a bocce ball from play, that ball is immediately removed from play until that frame has been completed. The violation must be called and the ball removed before the next ball is thrown. If the ball is not removed before the next ball is played, the ball remains in play for the rest of the frame.
2. If possible, any balls moved because of the action of the violation ball are reset to their approximate original position. If balls are sufficiently moved that the approximate original positions can not be determined, the opposing team has the option to leave the balls as they lay or replay the frame.

known as the court
Score one point
Throw out the jack
Start of Match
After the jack is successfully thrown
Rescheduled Games
Coin toss
Foul Line
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