rules to play bocce ball

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Rules to play Bocce Ball


A) All completed rosters must be turned into the Federation before the deadline. The deadline is the teams scheduled third game.
B)No more than 10 people maybe on the roster and no less than 6. A person can only play on one team in the open league. A team forfeits any game in which they play a non-roster player. The opposing team may not waive non-roster player forfeits.
C) If a team fields less then 2 players, the game is a forfeit. A 2 or 3 member team may play throwing only 2 balls per player. A 3rd or 4th player arriving late may enter the game after the completion of the frame.
D) There is no minimum age limit, however no more than 1 2 of the team may be under the age of 18 and at least one person in ever game must be 18 or over.
E) A team may make one substitution per game. Substitutions may only be made between frames.
F) No player may play two consecutive games from the same end of the court.
G) Players need not alternated throws. Consecutive or alternating throws by teammates shall be at the option of the players.

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