rules to play bocce ball

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Coin toss

Rules to play Bocce Ball

Coin toss

1. Begin the match with the flip of a coin between the captains of each team. The winner of the coin flip has the first toss of the pallino and chooses the color of the teams balls.
2. If playing the same team in the next game, players must switch ends between games and the winning team throws the pallino to start next game (players may be replaced by substitutes, however, a player never plays 2 consecutive games from the same end of the court). If playing a different team, play starts over with the coin toss and players may be reassigned as desired by the captain.

Foul Line
Start of Match
Throw out the jack
Standard penalties
Dead Balls
After the jack is successfully thrown
Coin toss
Surfaces Courts
Gather your bocce ball set
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