rules to play bocce ball

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Rules to play Bocce Ball

21. Surfaces Courts
Bocce Ball can be played on a variety of flat surfaces such as Bocce Ball Courts, Beach Sand and Yards or Parks. A large area is needed in order to make the game more challenging. An actual Bocce Ball court measures 76 feet long and 12 feet wide. The game however is just as much fun without the court.
22. Team captains
1. The team captain participates in the coin toss and assigns players to their position on the court.
2. The team captain may designate a player as an end captain for the end opposite that of the captain.
3.Only the team captain or an end captain may go on the court for measurements. A captain may observe and call for measurements to determine the official score for a frame.
4. A captain may approach on the sideline outside the court and observe the positions of balls in play. A captain after observing the balls, must return behind the pointing foul line and may only use hand signals to instruct partners at opposite end of court.
5. Only the captain or a designated player from each team (a total of two players) shall return balls for the next frame after points have been determined.
6. The team captain is responsible for assuring that the teams points are posted correctly and for reporting final game scores to the record keeper.
23. Substitution
1. It is the responsibility of each team player to obtain a substitute and notify the Team Captain if they can not play a scheduled game.
2. Substitutes must be extra players on the team or on the League Substitute Roster. A team player who is playing a scheduled game that week may not substitute on another team. (Optional Team players that are not scheduled to play that week may be used for substitutes if the roster substitutes are not available).
3. Substitutions may only be made between games or between frames. A late arriving missing player or substitute may enter the game in a vacant position at any time between frames.
4. A team with 4 players on the court may make up to four substitutions between games but only one substitution during a game. A player replaced during a game cannot reenter that game or the next game.
24. Standard penalties
1. For the violation of any rule that requires the removal of a bocce ball from play, that ball is immediately removed from play until that frame has been completed. The violation must be called and the ball removed before the next ball is thrown. If the ball is not removed before the next ball is played, the ball remains in play for the rest of the frame.
2. If possible, any balls moved because of the action of the violation ball are reset to their approximate original position. If balls are sufficiently moved that the approximate original positions can not be determined, the opposing team has the option to leave the balls as they lay or replay the frame.
25. Coin toss
1. Begin the match with the flip of a coin between the captains of each team. The winner of the coin flip has the first toss of the pallino and chooses the color of the teams balls.
2. If playing the same team in the next game, players must switch ends between games and the winning team throws the pallino to start next game (players may be replaced by substitutes, however, a player never plays 2 consecutive games from the same end of the court). If playing a different team, play starts over with the coin toss and players may be reassigned as desired by the captain.

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