rules to play beach volleyball

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Lines on the court

Rules to play Beach Volleyball

Lines on the court

Boundary lines consist of two sidelines and two end lines which mark the playing court. They are made of 1/4 3/8 rope or 2 3 1/8 wide flat bands or tape. The center line divides the playing court into two square team courts, but is not marked. All lines are considered to extend indefinitely. Attack lines are marked 910 from the center line. It is the players responsibility to assure that all lines are in their proper location prior to the start of each play. Lines moved during play do not cause the rally to stop. If it cannot be determined whether a ball lands in bounds or out of bounds, it is a replay.

External interference
Refereeing corps and procedures
States of play
Players equipment
Time outs
Ball at the net
Penetration into opponents playing area
Coin toss
Playing faults
Match preparation
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