rules to play beach volleyball

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Rules to play Beach Volleyball

1. Players equipment

A players equipment consists of a playing top that meets the specified uniform regulations.Players of the same team are permitted to wear shorts that are of different styles and colours.Players may play wearing jumpers and track pants provided their team uniform is displayed to the Referee prior to the match.Players must play barefoot except when authorised by the Referee.


The Referee may authorise one or more players; (a) to play with socks and/or shoes, (b) to change wet uniforms between halves provided the new ones also follow uniform regulations.


It is forbidden to wear any object that may cause an injury to a player, such as jewellery, pins, bracelets, casts etc.Players may wear glasses at their own risk.

2. Rights and responsibilities of the players

Players must know the Official Beach Volleyball Rules and abide by them.Players must accept the Referees decisions with respect, without disputing them. In the case of doubt, clarification may be requested by the team captain.Players must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of fair play, not only towards the Referee, but also towards other officials, the opponent, teammates and spectators.Players must refrain from actions or attitudes aimed at influencing the decisions of the Referee or covering up faults committed by their team.Players must refrain from actions aimed at delaying the match.Communication between team members during the match is permitted.


Prior to the match, the team captain will represent their team at the toss.During the match, only the team captain is authorised to speak to the Referee while the ball is out of play: to ask for an explanation of the application or interpretation of the rules, to ask authorisation: to change uniforms or equipment, to verify the serving player, to check the net, the ball etc, to realign court lines out of alignment, to request time outs.The team captain is responsible for the conduct of all team players.At the conclusion of the match, the team captain will sign the scoresheet.

3. Scoring system

A match is won by the team that has amassed the most points at the completion of the match duration. In the case of both teams having scored the same number of points a draw will be declared.In the case of a draw in finals matches a tiebreaker will be played. TO WIN A POINT

Whenever a team serves and wins the rally, a point is scored.In a

4. Match preparation

The Referee conducts a toss in the presence of the two team captains. The winner of the toss chooses; (a) either the right to serve or receive the serve, or (b) a side of the court. The loser takes the remaining alternative.The team that serves first in the first half shall receive first in the second half.In the case of a Tiebreaker, another toss shall be conducted.

5. Duration of match
Matches will consist of two 14 minute halves. A SIDE AND 6 A SIDE
Matches will consist of two 20 minute halves. LATE START
Teams will be penalised 1 point per minute, or part there of, they delay the commencement of the match. FINALS MATCHES
In case of a draw, a Tiebreaker consisting of a five point quick score (point a rally) game will be played.
6. Playing surface
The surface of the playing area must be as flat and uniform as possible, free of rocks, sprinkler heads and any other objects which may cause injury. Sand courts consist of fine grained sand and should be at least 12 deep. Grass courts consist of maintained grass surfaces free of holes, puddles and uneven ground. Any hazardous areas should be designated as out of play.
7. Lines on the court
Boundary lines consist of two sidelines and two end lines which mark the playing court. They are made of 1/4 3/8 rope or 2 3 1/8 wide flat bands or tape. The center line divides the playing court into two square team courts, but is not marked. All lines are considered to extend indefinitely. Attack lines are marked 910 from the center line. It is the players responsibility to assure that all lines are in their proper location prior to the start of each play. Lines moved during play do not cause the rally to stop. If it cannot be determined whether a ball lands in bounds or out of bounds, it is a replay.
8. Service zone
The service zone is behind the end line and between the extension of the sidelines and extends to the end of the free zone.
9. Net and posts
HEIGHT OF THE NET The height of the net is 7115/8 for men and 741/8 for women, measured at the center. A net failure occurs when there is a sudden loss of net height or tension. If the net failure is the result of a fault or does not affect the outcome of the rally, the rally counts. Otherwise, it is replayed.
10. Ball
The ball must be spherical, made of a flexible leather or water resistant leather like cover and a rubber or rubber like bladder. Its circumference must be 251/2 261/2 and its weight 9 10 oz. It may be of any color or multicolored.

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