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Continuing Play

Rules to play Bank pool


Continuing Play

  • A players inning continues as long as they legally pocket their called bank. Players can only score one ball per shot; any additional object balls that are pocketed on the same stroke are held for spotting at the end of the shooters inning. A players inning ends when they fail to legally pocket a called or obvious bank, or the cue ball scratches or jumps the table, or the shooter fouls.
  • Every shot must be pocketed cleanly, without contacting any other object ball on its route to the called pocket.
  • No combination shots are allowed.
  • The cue ball must contact the called ball first. No carom shots are allowed.
  • Every shot must be played ball first. No railfirst shots are allowed.
  • The cue ball is only permitted to contact the object ball once on its route to the pocket. Any ball pocketed on a double kiss is spotted without further penalty, and the shooters inning is over. Various house rules permit railfirst shots, as long as they are called, and as long as a bank is designated following the railfirst contact.
  • Additionally, some house rules and some multiplayer games permit railfirst shots directly into a pocket, as long as the cue ball strikes at least three cushions before the object ball is contacted.

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