rules to play 8 ball pool

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Breaking off

Rules to play 8 Ball Pool

Breaking off

If you get to break off, you can move the cue ball anywhere in the space to the left of the white line.
If you pot one of more balls during your break you get another turn. However, the table will remain open so you can choose if you want pot the spots or stripes.
However, any spotted or striped balls potted during the break wont count until you pot either pattern during your next turn.
If you pot the cue ball on your break, the opponent gets a ball in hand.
If the 8 Ball is potted on the break, if it will be placed back onto the table.

Shots Required to Be Called
8 ball pocketed on the break
Challengingadding friends
Serious Fouls
Potting the 8 Ball
Determining First Break
Loss of game
Illegal Shots
Calling pockets
Having a ball in hand
Losing the Rack
Spotting Balls
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