rose day

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Origin Of Rose Day Full Detail

Rose Day

7 Feb marks the 1st day of valentine week beginning with Rose Day.
Origin Of Rose Day Full Detail

Rose day was the idea of the Queen Alexandra to help the poor and helpless people.She wants to make hospitals so she planned this mega event and collected 32000 Pounds on the first event in 1912.This was the huge amount on at that time to help needy people.From that year Rose Day also called Alexandra Rose Day is celebrating every year from 1912.The fund raising was continue to several years.In 1920 she raised 775000 Pounds for the charity by sale of the Rose.Alexandra was continued celebrating this Day till her death in 1925.And she enjoyed 60th Celebration of her arrival in 1923.After the death of Alexandra it was continue but official sale of Rose was not continue and fund raising was stop during some year later. But in London Rose day is still starting by the purchase of Rose by the Prime Minister but charitable idea is lost somewhere.However very few people know this story of the origin of Rose day but they celebrated it very cheerfully.This Day is no longer to bound in the London but spread all over the world.So try to celebrate this rose day through helping needy people and celebrate it for noble cause.Your Rose Day celebration can be the cause of the smile of some people.If you have any idea like Alexandra Rose, please attempt it o this Rose Day.Enjoy this Rose Day and make this day special for your dear ones and also for the poor and needy people.Keep try to do your best on the Rose day and keep alive the idea of Alexandra Rose the symbol of help and joy.

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Origin Of Rose Day Full Detail
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