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Torsa River

Rivers of India

The river systems provide irrigation, potable water, cheap transportation, electricity.
Torsa River

Torsa River (also spelt Torsha and also known as Machu and Amo Chhu) rises from the Chumbi Valley in Tibet, China, where it is known as Machu. It flows into Bhutan, where it is known as the Amo Chu. It has total length of 358 km, out of which 113 km in China and 145 km in Bhutan before flowing into the northern part of West Bengal in India.It flows past the important border towns of Phuntsholing (in Bhutan) and Jaigaon (on the Indian side of the border) and past the great tea estate of Dalsingpara and the Jaldapara National Park. The beautiful landscape here is ideal for family picnics, and the wildlife sanctuary has tigers, rhinoceros and deer of many varieties. a tributary known as Buri Torsa meets Jaldhaka. Ghargharia river meets with Torsa in the Tufanganj subdivision, near Deocharai and Balarampur Torsa meets with Kaljani and it then flows into Bangladesh by the name of Kaljani and meets with Brahmaputra in BD. A distributary known as Buri Torsa meets Jaldhaka.

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