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Halali Reservoir

Rivers of India

The river systems provide irrigation, potable water, cheap transportation, electricity.
Halali Reservoir

The Halali reservoir is a reservoir in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is built on the Halali River, and lies 40 km away from the state capital Bhopal. The major fish species found in the reservoir include catla, rohu, mrigal, wallago attu, mystus and chitala.The Halali River is a tributary of the Betwa River. It was formerly known as Thal River. In the 18th century, Dost Mohammad Khans forces killed a rival Rajput force near Jagdishpur (later renamed to Islamnagar) on the bank of the river. The river was renamed to Halali river (the river of slaughter), because it appeared red with the blood of the victims. Another name for the river is Banganga. The Halali reservoir was commissioned in 1973

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