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Godavari River

Rivers of India

The river systems provide irrigation, potable water, cheap transportation, electricity.
Godavari River

The Godavari is a river in southcentral India. It starts in the western state of Maharashtra and flows through the southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh before reaching the Bay of Bengal. It forms one of the largest river basins in India. With a length of 1465 km, it is the second longest river in India, after the Ganges. It originates near Trimbak in Nashik District of Maharashtra state. It flows east across the Deccan Plateau into the Bay of Bengal near Yanam and Antarvedi in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The Godavari is a major waterway in central India, originating in the Western Ghats Trimbakeshwar, in the Nashik Subdivision or District Of Maharashtra and flowing eastward across the Deccan Plateau through the state of Maharashtra. It is known as the Southern Ganges (dakshin ganga) because it originates from the river Ganga (underground water) near Trimbak in Nashik. It enters Telangana at Basar in Adilabad district. While passing through Telangana it touches Dharmapuri a small village where pilgrims visit ancient Hindu temples and bathe in the river. It crosses the Deccan Plateau and then turns southeast, entering the West Godavari district and East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, until it splits into two watercourses that empty into the Bay of Bengal.[5] Basara, on the banks of Godavari in Adilabad District, is known for its temple to the Goddess Saraswati and is the second temple for the Goddess in India.

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