rivers of india

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Rivers of India

The river systems provide irrigation, potable water, cheap transportation, electricity.

Karnali or Ghaghara is a perennial transboundary river originating on the Tibetan Plateau near Lake Mansarovar. It cuts through the Himalayas in Nepal and joins the Sarda River at Brahmaghat in India. Together they form the Ghaghra River, a major left bank tributary of the Ganges. With a length of 507 kilometres (315 mi) it is the largest river in Nepal. The total length of Ghaghara River up to its confluence with the Ganges at Doriganj in Bihar is 1,080 kilometres (670 mi). It is the largest tributary of the Ganges by volume and the second longest tributary of the Ganges by length after Yamuna.

Godavari River
Hindon River
Gumti River
Bhagirathi River
Kali Sindh River
Kangsabati River
Pahuj River
Ahar River
Betwa River
Dhansiri River
Subansiri River
Torsa River
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