river rafting

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Rafting Do

River Rafting

Rafting Do

Wear a Life Jacket
Make sure your life jacket is snug and buckled at all times
Listen to your river guides they are there to keep you safe
Notify your river guides of any medical conditions you may have
Wear proper shoes no flip flops, slippers, or bare feet. Old Sneakers, water shoes, or sandals with an ankle strap work best
Help your fellow rafters back into your raft if they unintentionally fall into the water, even if you do not know them.

Be safe and comfortable Wear the protective gear
Know your physical limitations
Hold the paddle properly
Float feet forward
Dont drink alcohol before the trip
NEVER go rafting alone
Know the proper swimming techniques
Rafting Do
Check local regulations
Always have a good grip
Stay in the boat
Always wear a life jacket or personal flotation device
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