river rafting

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Know the commands

River Rafting

Know the commands

When you are listing to your guides safety talk before the trip, pay extra attention to the part about high siding. High siding is a command that your guide may call out as a last ditch effort to keep the boat from capsizing. Remember: dont panic Chances are this wont happen, but if it does you will have wished you paid attention during the safety talk. This situation tends to stress both guides and clients out but really it is a super easy command to execute. If the boat hits a rock or gets in a hydraulic, the boat is usually in a sideways position in the river. Water pressure will build on the upstream side of the boat, which can flip the boat over. But if your guide is Johnny on the spot and calls out, High side you need to go to the downstream part of the boat (the way the water is moving) by getting up and throwing your weight to the downstream tube of the raft. Easy peasy Remember to always go the direction the river is flowing: downstream.

Choose a good life jacket
Know the Classifications
Know the proper swimming techniques
Rafting and Camping
Hold the paddle properly
Always wear a life jacket or personal flotation device
NEVER go rafting alone
Know the commands
Float feet forward
Know your physical limitations
ALWAYS listen to your guide
Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day
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