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1. Ramayana The Hindu Epic
The story of Ramayana is the epitome of duty, devotion, morality and ideology. It depicts the character of Rama which every son, brother and king should imbibe. The other characters of Lakshman, Sita, Bharat and Hanuman along with Rama show the value of relationships and Dharma- the path of right living.
2. Rama s birth
Rama was the prince of Ayodhya. He is believed to be the reincarnation of Maha Vishnu-The god who takes care of all creatures. Dashratha was the king of Ayodhya. He had three wives namely Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeye. Rama was the eldest son born to Kaushalya. Lakshman and Shatrughna were born to Sumitra and Bharata was the son of Kaikeye- Dashrath's favourite wife.
3. Training in archery
"Rishi Vishwamitra trained them in the skills of archery and their first test of warfare came soon when he asked them to get rid of Taraka the demoness who harrases the rishis living peacefully in the forest. Ram kills her and later her two sons Mareecha and Subahu."
4. Ahalya s rebirth
On their way to Mithila, Ram frees Ahalya from a curse given by her husband Maharishi Gautama. She had become a stone but as Ram's feet touch the stone she becomes Ahalya once again.
5. Sita Swayamvara
All the princes along with their Guru Vishwamitra reach Mithila for the swayamvara of Sita-the beautiful daughter of Janaka, the king of Mithila. He challenges all the eligible suitors to string and break the bow 'Pinaka' of Lord Shiva. Whoever was successful would marry Sita. Only Rama was able to do so and thus Sita marries Rama.
6. Fourteen years of exile
King Dashratha is overwhelmed by the feats of Rama and decides to crown him the future king of Ayodhya. Kaikeye, Dashrath's beloved wife takes offence to his decision as her mind had been poisoned by Manthara, her crooked maid. She wants fourteen years of exile for Rama and Bharata, her son, to become the king of Ayodhya. Bharata had gone to visit his grandparents and was not aware of these developments. Dashratha is shattered. When he asked Kaikeye to rethink, she reminded him of his promise to fulfil her two wishes.
7. Rama leaves Ayodhya
Rama being the ideal son honours his father's word and decides to go to the forest. Sita and Lakshman also go with him as they feel it is their duty to be with Rama. As Rama, Sita and Lakshmana leave for the forest Dashratha is not able to bear this shock and dies.
8. Bharata s love for Ram
When Bharata returns and learns about the exile of Rama, he rushes to call back Rama. But as Rama refuses to come back to Ayodhya, Bharata gets his 'khadau'-his slippers to Ayodhya and places them on the throne. He announces that he would only be the 'caretaker king' till the time Rama returned.
9. Surpanakha s episode
In the forest Rama, Lakshmana and Sita meet Surpanakha-the sister of King Ravana. Surpanakha is charmed by the good looks of Rama who tells her that he is already married to Sita. She now approaches Lakshmana who is not interested in her. When she coaxes him further, he gets angry and chops off her nose and ears. Surpanakha cries in front of her brother Ravana, the king of Lanka and he promises to take revenge.
10. Ravana plans to abduct Sita 1
He asks one of his brothers to become a beautiful golden deer to lure Sita. As she sees the deer she compels Rama to get it for her. Ram goes after the deer and as it is killed it cries foul and calls for Lakshmana's help. When Sita hears the cries, she now compels Lakshamana to go and help Rama. In spite of Lakshmana knowing that nothing could happen to his brave brother, he has to go in search of him to obey Sita's orders.

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