rainy day ideas

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Rainy Day Ideas

On rainy days it feels so much harder to entertain the children and stop them from getting bored and
21. Kool Aid Playdough
Super bright playdough that smells amazing!! You can totally make this and store it so the kids can play with it all through the Spring.
22. Button Golf
This is such a fun DIY game that will help the kids develop some great fine motor skills.
23. DIY Theatre
Turn their imaginations on by providing a little theatre where they can put on shows for each other.
24. Drive In Movie
Build a special cardboard box car so the kids can go to the drive in movies.
25. Car Track or Parking Deck
Any child who loves cars would love a little ramp and parking deck to race their cars around.
26. Walking Stilts
This is definitely for the kid that loves to run around the house and bounces off the walls. Attach some walking stilts and hell slow down for just a minute while developing a great skill. balancing on walking stilts.
27. Indoor Car Track
Use some tape and the couches, chairs, tables and other furniture to create a fun indoor car track. You could even add some obstacles that the kids have to drive through.
28. Paper Plate Ring Toss
This is a simple and fun game that is sure to get the kids excited. Its also a great game to make into a contest.
29. Play DJ
Let the kids turn on some music and dance around.
30. Dress up with Masks
This would be great for the kids to actually make their own masks and then be able to play with them.

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