precautions while using whatsapp

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Precautions while using WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages.
1. What is WhatsApp
WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones that operates under a subscription business model. The proprietary, cross platform app uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages. WhatsApp has more users in India than any other country in the world.
2. Wi Fi networks
Many people prefer using Whatsapp via Wi Fi in restaurants and shopping centers that ensure and accelerate the speed of the connection, however, it is important to take into consideration do not send information about financial transactions, passwords, compromising photos or videos as this information can be captured and used against you. The information you send can be captured through programs called sniffers which no devise can detect.
3. Messages
When using Whatsapp send messages that you are sure you want to send. If you regret sending a message and want to delete it, you will have the option to delete, which facilitates the erasure superficially, however, it stays collected in a mother database which is never cleared.
4. Contacts
Anyone with smart mobile devices can download this application and impersonate identities. It is therefore important that before you send messages and share files, you make sure youre talking to the real person and be sure they are reliable. Remember to always be careful about the people you talk to online or, in this case, applications that use Internet to reach people from all over the world.
5. Chains
It is one of the problems that have arisen with the use of this application. Many users have complained about these chains and many others have had problems in the use of this application for being part of these chains. So avoid resend them, as they contain malicious codes inside, which could complicate the smooth running of this application on your mobile device.
6. Use whatsapp privacy settings
The Whatsapp privacy settings allow you to control who gets to see what. You can segregate your friends into acquaintances, friends and family and ensure that everyone doesnt have full access to your profile and only a few close friends and family have.
7. Dont talk to strangers
Remember what your parents told you when you were a child. Dont talk to strangers. Accept friend requests from known people. If you want to add strangers.
8. Watch your status messages
Dont use your Facebook status application to tell the world about your itinerary for the day. You never know who is stalking you in the virtual world.
9. Keep changing your password often
Avoid using obvious things like your date of birth, name, boyfriends name and so on. Your password is like the keys of your home, dont share it with anyone. Keep it only to yourself and change it often.
10. Impersonation is rampant Beware
The anonymity provided by the virtual world and fear of being stalked often prompts people to impersonate. A considerable number of Facebook profiles are fakes and people often withhold correct information about themselves or provide wrong ones. Do not reveal your real name while chatting; instead use a pseudo/nickname as your username. Avoid provocative nicknames as it tends to attract wrong attention.

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