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Precautions while using Websites

What is website
Personal is personal
Limit viewers
Make sure they are friendly friends
What stays posted
Who would want my photo
Family and friends
Limit usage of social networking
Avoid mentioning
Log on
Do not automatically
Check personally
Security implications do these sites present
Remember that the internet is a public resource
Be wary of strangers
Evaluate your settings
Use strong passwords
Check privacy policies
Use and maintain anti virus software
Stop websites from tracking you
To avoid being tracked
Useful browser extensions
Dont post your address online
Dont provide a minute by minute account of your day
Do not check in to different locations
Remove any geo tagging data
Use caution when you click links
Know what youve posted about yourself
Dont trust that a message really is from whom it says its from
To avoid giving away e mail addresses
Your personal bookmarks
Choose your social network carefully
Social networking site is permanent
Be careful about installing extras on your site
Hosting capabilities
File size
Optimized content
Copyright And permissions
Security protocols
Security suite
They must have a backup system in place
Compromised devices
Rotate all passwords
Backup your files
Scan local machine for malware
Unscrupulous domain name registrars
Change your password regularly
Monitor your site often
Keep your software up to date
Be cautious of third party scripts
Be careful when using public Wi Fi
Take your site down immediately
Stop all advertising
Assess the damage
Put a recovery plan into action
Create a Google Alert about your site
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