precautions while using washing machine

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Precautions while using Washing Machine

These tips should help you and your family to stay safe when using a washing machine.
1. What is washing machine
A washing machine laundry machine, clothes washer, or washer is a machine used to wash laundry, such as clothing and sheets. The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning which uses alternative cleaning fluids, and is performed by specialist businesses or ultrasonic cleaners.
2. Look for easy to use controls
Washing machines with touchscreen controls may look pretty when you buy those, but in the long run, nothing beats large buttons with captions that are easy to read. This is particularly true if you have senior citizens in your home, who may wish to operate the washing machine from time to time. Besides, button controls also remain functional for much longer than fancy touchscreen control systems.
3. Look for machines that are the right size
Know exactly how much space you will be able to allocate for keeping the washing machine. And, make sure that the dimensions of the washing machine you are buying are less than that space. Leaving some free space around the appliance will prevent overheating during extended washing sessions. Do not buy the units that have dimensions equal to or greater than the available space. This is a mistake many buyers make, only to find in chagrin later on that their bright new washing machines are too big for their homes.
4. The load capacity should be as much as you need
You cannot possibly spend hours washing clothes only. So, make sure that the load capacity of the washing machine matches the combined weight of clothes you usually wash together. This will save time, and allow you to get clothes washed by using less electricity as well.
5. Check the hoses of the washing machine regularly
Some washing machine manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses on the machine about every five years. Make sure that these hoses are properly connected and are working fine, and that they are replaced if needed. Look for cracking, bulging, leaking, and any other abnormal characteristics. If you notice any problems, replace the hoses at once. Be certain that you buy high quality hoses to better ensure the prevention of leaks.
6. Washing machine operating
If your washing machine is operating in a way that isnt normal leaking, making strange noises, etc. , have a professional repair the appliance as soon as possible. It is better to fix the issue before it becomes a real problem. Otherwise, you could end up with a flooded home or a malfunction of the washing machine that could lead to other damages or even electrocution.
7. Checkpoints before starting washing
Add liquid detergent to a white towel and the garment where you cant notice well. Then, rub together strongly. Check if the color transferred to the towel. Be careful for scarves and imported clothes since they are easily discoloring. Check for stains or partial dirt. If stains are found, use the towel wet with detergents to rub on in a single direction. Before washing, the sleeves, collar, dress hem and pockets are pre treated by brushing with detergents. The wrinkle processed clothes made of wool are specially treated by fixing them with threads before washing. The threads shall be removed after the clothes are dried.
8. Not washable laundry
Even by soaking in water, neckties, brassieres, jackets, suits and coats can be easily transformed like shrinking and discoloring on the garment surfaces because they are mostly made of rayon, polynosic, cuff and their blend fabrics.
The wrinkle processed, embossed, or resin processed products are easy to transform even by soaking in water.
Easily discoloring products made of cotton and wool, wrinkled silk, leather products, leather accessory, leather ornamented clothes and its accessory.
Dont wash those clothes without handling guideline or material indication tag.
9. Water and Electricity Safety
Outlets in the laundry room should have a ground fault circuit interrupter. If your home is older and doesnt have these, they are easy to install. Should you have a leak or burst hose, unplug your machines immediately.
10. Slippery floors
Wet floors are slippery floors. If you have a floor drain in the laundry area, cleaning up water becomes quite simple. If you dont be sure to clean up spills immediately.Detergents and cleaning products are also quite slippery. Even dry detergent powder can become like ball bearings underfoot. Keep a mop and broom handy.

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