precautions while using refrigerators

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Precautions while using Refrigerators

A refrigerator or colloquially fridge is a common household appliance.
51. Refrigeration Tips to Keep Your Food Safe
Although the refrigerator is an essential kitchen appliance, Americans lack important knowledge on how to keep foods safe in the fridge. A survey conducted by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association), found that most consumers dont understand the consequences of storing foods at an incorrect temperature.
52. Refrigerator temperatures fluctuate
Refrigerator temperatures fluctuate, especially from season to season. The best way to regulate your refrigerator is with a refrigerator thermometer. Set the thermometer in the center of the middle shelf (not on the door) and keep it inside at all times. Most importantly, check the temperature regularly to be sure your food is stored safely below 40
53. Spring Cleaning
Springtime is often a motivation to give your home a thorough cleaning. When scrubbing the kitchen, include a refrigerator make-over on your to-do list. Not only will the fridge be spotless, it will improve the safety and quality of your foods. Scrub down the inside of your refrigerator (including shelves and drawers) using a clean sponge and warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water, then dry with paper towels or a clean cloth. Avoid using cleaners that may pass on taste to food or cause damage to surfaces.
54. Living With Leftovers
Perishable leftovers from a meal should not stay out of refrigeration longer than two hours. In hot weather (80
55. Use Your Refrigerator Properly
During hot summers,many people like to grab cold drinks, ice creams,ice lollies or desserts from the refrigerator, which is generally believed that its low temperature is able to keep foods fresh and kill bacteria. However, if food is not properly stored or stored in the refrigerator for too long, foods can still show signs of deterioration, such as becoming sticky, moldy, dry or discolored. In fact, refrigerator is not almighty. Keeping foods cold in the refrigerator merely inhibits and slows down the multiplication of bacteria, but not completely killingthem. Some bacteria, eg.Listeria monocytogenes, will remain viable at low temperatures. Therefore, you are advised to use the refrigerator properly to prevent the growth of bacteria on food.

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