precautions while using refrigerators

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Precautions while using Refrigerators

A refrigerator or colloquially fridge is a common household appliance.

If you purchase meats, poultry or fish, store them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to make sure they stay as fresh as possible. The bottom shelf of the refrigerator is the coldest part. You should only store certain items in the door of the refrigerator. These items include sodas, butter and condiments. Never place any perishable items in the refrigerator door, as this area is typically 7 degrees warmer than other areas.

Less Frequent Activities
Keeping It Cool
Do not use mechanical devices
Never store explosives and chemicals
Refrigeration Tips to Keep Your Food Safe
Weekly Activities
How to Clean the Refrigerator
The manufacturers installation instructions
Use Your Refrigerator Properly
Remove the Packaging
Daily cleaning activities
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