precautions while using laboratory thermometers

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Precautions while using Laboratory Thermometers

The precautions to be observed while reading a laboratory thermometer.

You have to hold your hand with distance of less than 1 inch from the stopper to avoid exerting torque on the thermometer. Thermometers can be divided into two separate groups according to the level of knowledge about the physical basis of the underlying thermodynamic laws and quantities. For primary thermometers the measured property of matter is known so well that temperature can be calculated without any unknown quantities. Examples of these are thermometers based on the equation of state of a gas, on the velocity of sound in a gas, on the thermal noise (see Johnson

Turn the thermometer on and make sure the screen reads zero
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Discard the plastic cover and put a new one on
Turn the thermometer on and make sure the reading is at zero
Pull the ear canal open by gently pulling the ear lobe back and up
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