precautions while using laboratory thermometers

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Uses at home clinics and hospitals

Precautions while using Laboratory Thermometers

The precautions to be observed while reading a laboratory thermometer.
Uses at home clinics and hospitals

Thermometers are used to measure the temperature of the human body, at home, clinics and hospitals. When performing this procedure, hold your hand less than 1 inch from the stopper to avoid exerting torque on the thermometer. Thermometers can be calibrated either by comparing them with other calibrated thermometers or by checking them against known fixed points on the temperature scale. The best known of these fixed points are the melting and boiling points of pure water.

Manufacturers instructions
Turn the thermometer on and make sure the screen reads zero
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Pull the ear canal open by gently pulling the ear lobe back and up
Alcohal thermometers
Bimetallic thermometer
Clinical Thermometer
Resistance thermometer
Points to kept in Mind while using a thermometer
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