precautions while using atm machines

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Instead of debit method

Precautions while using ATM Machines

The basic units allow the customer to only withdraw cash and receive a report of the account's bala
Instead of debit method

When checking out with your purchases, consider using the credit method instead of debit method.Credit method requires your signature, not your PIN. That way you don t have to enter your PIN in view of the people behind you in the checkout lane. If you choose debit method, block the view of others when using the POS terminal.

Be prepared to leave
ATM machines
Secure Environment
Check your credit report
Safe Internet Transactions and Shopping Virtually and with your Cards
Review your bank account statements promptly
Destroy all expired cards
Additional information
Never leave your ATMtransactionslip
Have your information ready
Remember ATM theft can occur in two ways
Shred all pre approved credit
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