precautions while using atm machines

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Always be alert

Precautions while using ATM Machines

The basic units allow the customer to only withdraw cash and receive a report of the account's bala
Always be alert

Pay attention to the people around you and to the location of the ATM. If you see anyone suspicious or do not feel comfortable at the ATM, go to another location. All ATMs should be well lit, be in high traffic areas and provide an easy exit. When possible, have someone you trust or a security person accompany you an ATM you feel is not in a secured environment.

If your card is lost
Choosing PIN
Report a lost or stolen card
Worried about accruing credit card debt
Always be alert
Make sure you have finalized the transaction
Look for possible fraudulent devices attached to the ATM
Secure Environment
Safeguard your card and PIN
ATM Receipts
Be prepared to leave
Shred all pre approved credit
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