precautions while using atm machines

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Precautions while using ATM Machines

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51. Choosing an ATM
Always observe your surroundings before conducting an ATM transaction. If you see anyone or anything that appears to be suspicious, cancel your transaction and leave the area at once. If there is anything unusual about the cash machine, or there are signs of tampering, do not use the machine and report it to the bank immediately. 2) After dark, only use ATMs that are well lighted. 3) If possible, choose a machine in a busy area. A heavily trafficked location means additional security. 4) If you are followed after using an ATM, seek a place where people, activity and security can be found.
52. Leaving an ATM
After completing transaction, remember to take your card back. 2) Once you have completed a transaction, discreetly put your money and card in your pocket before leaving the cash machine. Do not count cash at ATM machine. 3) If the cash machine does not return your card, report its loss immediately to your bank. 4) Don t discard your receipts and mini statements or balance inquiry slips which contain important information. You get a receipt every time you make an ATM transaction. 5) Tear up or preferably shred your cash machine receipt, mini statement or Payment Systems Department Guidelines For Account Holders Using Credit / Debit / Smart Cards.
53. Safe Internet Transactions and Shopping Virtually and with your Cards
On the top of everything customers should make themselves familiar with the possible internet frauds. They should not be convinced by the persuasive and attractive traps of hackers. 2) Keep software updated (operating systems and browsers) because fraudsters and malicious hackers are very clever and have found vulnerabilities in software s (windows and browsers). Both institutions and customers should ensure that operating and browser softwares are kept upto date using legitimate upgrades and patches issued by the legitimate software vendors. 3) Make sure your computer has up to date anti virus software and a firewall installed. Firewalls can monitor both incoming and outgoing internet traffic and anti virus will protect your computer against Trojan and worm attacks.
54. ATM Security
Prepare your transactions (have card out, deposit slip filled out, etc.) before you approach the ATM to minimize the time spent at the machine.Do not display your cash; retrieve your card and receipt immediately.Verify the cash when you can safely do so.Save your receipt and match it to your statement.Do not accept assistance from strangers when using an ATM. Be aware of your surroundings before, during, and after the completion of your transaction. If the ATM is obstructed or it has poor lighting, go to another ATM. Consider taking another person with you to the ATM especially late at night.
55. Point of Sale Security
Do not allow a cashier or anyone else to enter your PIN for you. Block anyone else from viewing your PIN when using a POS terminal. Review the receipt before leaving. If you request cash back, immediately put it away before leaving. If using a POS terminal outside such as a gas station, be observant of your surroundings before making the transaction. If someone appears suspicious, leave and go to another POS terminal. If it is late night, take another person with you when using an outdoor POS terminal. If you feel you have been followed after making a POS transaction, drive to a crowded well lit area, fire station, sheriff or police department.Flash your lights and blow your horn to bring attention to you. If you are involved in a robbery situation while using your card, do not resist.
56. keep these tips in mind
Observe the area before approaching the ATM. If someone appears to be loitering around the ATM, go to another location. Then report the incident to the local police or sheriff s office. Try to bring someone with you when using the ATM at night. If the lighting around the ATM is not adequate, please report it to us by calling (337)237 8343 in Lafayette and (800)213 BANK (2265) outside Lafayette; meanwhile, use another ATM. Memorize your personal identification number (PIN). Don t write it on your card and always keep it secret even from your family and friends. Fill out all forms (such as deposit slips) beforehand and have your card ready. Report lost or stolen ATM cards immediately by calling (337)237 8343 in Lafayette and (800)213 BANK (2265) outside Lafayette.
57. During your transaction
If you become uncomfortable during your ATM transaction, use the Cancel key and leave the area. Protect the information on your card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) by standing between the ATM and anyone who is waiting to use the machine.
58. When using night depositories
Observe the area before making your deposit. Try to bring someone with you when using the night deposit after dark. If you notice anything suspicious, leave without making a deposit. Then report it to the police. Deposit just one bag at a time; that s all most night depositories are built to handle. Don t resist if you are approached; remember everything you can about the person and call the police immediately. If you have a cell phone, bring it with you. And if you ever do see anything suspicious at any of our ATM or night depository locations, report it to the police immediately by calling 911. Please take a few seconds to observe the area and always exercise caution so that you can safely enjoy the many time saving benefits of our 24 hour banking services.
59. Before you go to an ATM
Minimize time spent at the ATM by filling out all forms, such as deposit slips, beforehand and having your ATM card out and ready to use. Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and memorize it. Do not write your PIN on the card or carry it with you, and do not share your PIN with anyone, including family and friends.Consider having someone accompany you when the ATM is used after dark.
60. At the ATM
Focus on what you are doing. Don t use a cell phone or do anything else that diverts your attention. Never allow a stranger to assist you in conducting an ATM transaction, even if you have trouble. If the ATM retains your card, notify the branch as soon as possible. Prevent others from seeing your PIN entry by using your body or hand to shield the ATM keypad. If you are in a vehicle at a drive up ATM, only open your window when you are ready to make a transaction. Keep your doors locked and the engine running. When you are finished, put your receipt, card, and money away quickly. Count cash later in the safety of your vehicle, home, or other secure area. As you return to your vehicle after your transaction, have your car keys ready and observe the area around your vehicle. Go to the nearest public area where people are located if you are followed after making a transaction and call the police. If someone does approach you and demands your money, do not resist. Remember everything you can about the person and call the police immediately.

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