precaution while using contact lenses

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What Are Contact Lenses

Precaution while using Contact Lenses

A contact lens, or simply contact, is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye.
What Are Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices worn directly on the cornea of the eye. Like eyeglasses, contact lenses help to correct refractive errors and perform this function by adding or subtracting focusing power to the eyes cornea and lens. Contacts provide a safe and effective way to correct vision when used with care and proper supervision. They can offer a good alternative to eyeglasses, depending on your eyes and your lifestyle. Over 24 million people in the United States now wear contact lenses. For certain conditions, contact lenses may be considered medically necessary.

Keep false eyelash cement
If you use ReNu solutions Mass
Dispose of Your Contact Lenses as Prescribed
Other Precautions
In order to avoid eye infections
Be awarethat certain medications
keep the bottle tightly closed
Requirements for Wearing Contact Lens
Before handling your contact lenses
Dont wear contact lenses longer
Store lenses in the proper case
Handling Precautions
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