precaution while using contact lenses

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Precaution while using Contact Lenses

A contact lens, or simply contact, is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye.
71. For Frequent Replacement Wear
For continued safe and comfortable wearing of your lenses, it is important that you first clean and rinse, then disinfect your lenses after each removal, using the lens care products and procedures recommended by your Eye Care Professional. Cleaning and rinsing are necessary to remove mucus, secretions, films or deposits that may have built up on your lenses during wearing.The ideal time to clean your lenses is immediately after removing them. Disinfecting is necessary to destroy harmful germs.
72. Basic Contact Care
Make sure to clean, rinse, then disinfect your lenses after you remove them. Cleaning and rinsing the contacts removes any film, dirt, and anything that may have accumulated while you were wearing them. Disinfecting them is important for the elimination ofgerms. When you first get contacts, make sure to put them on and remove them while still with your optician. You will be given a manual with instructions on caring for your contacts, and information on what to do if something goes wrong. Follow these instructions carefully as failure to do so can result in serious problems, such as infection or damage to your eyes.
73. Reusable contact lenses
For lenses that are reused, rather than worn once and discarded, the following guidance applies. After removing your contact lenses its essential that you disinfect them as this prevents harmful organisms building up on the lens. Your practitioner will advise you on the best contact lenses for youand how to care for them. This may include extra cleaning procedures, such as rubbing or rinsing. Disinfection tips: To disinfect your lenses, soak them in solution in a storage case for a specific amount of time. Never reuse disinfecting solution or top it up. It must be discarded and replaced with fresh solution each time the lenses are stored. Only use the care products recommended by your practitioner, and follow the instructions carefully.
74. Disposable lenses
Daily disposable lenses dont need cleaning or disinfecting because they are only worn once and then thrown away. Dont reuse these lenses as theyre unsuitable for repeated use. Even if you wear daily disposables, its still important tohaveregular checkupswith your practitioner.
75. Extended wear lenses
Extendedwear lenses are specially designed for wearing overnight, and can be worn continuously for up to a month before being discarded. Dont sleep while wearing lenses unless your practitioner advises it. They will also advise you on how to look after the lenses if you need to remove them temporarily. You may need more frequent checkups if you wear this type of lens.

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