parking rules

Parking Rules

There are certain rules that apply when it comes to parking.
31. Rental Parking Facilities
Hours during which rental lots may be used are posted on the entrance signs. The university is not responsible for any fees or damages incurred as a result of failure to display the proper rental permit.
Priority for lot rental assignment is by date of request.
The registered owner of the permit is responsible for any fees assessed for violation of parking regulations or towing and or immobilization fees attributed to the vehicle bearing the permit, regardless of who is operating the vehicle.
A department or administrative unit that requires spaces reserved for its use may apply to the Parking Department for rental of such. Spaces may not be purchased for the exclusive use of a member of the faculty staff.
Certain permits may be returned to the Parking Department for prorated refunds. Permits that are considered non refundable are Shuttle Permits, 2nd and 3rd Shift Permits, Day Meter Permits, Temporary Permits, and Motorcycle Permits.
Payroll deduction is available to those who qualify. Qualification for payroll deduction is not determined by the Parking Department but by the status of the customer in Banner. A customers signature is required to both start and stop payroll deduction. Payroll deduction will continue even if the permit is not renewed, expires, or is returned, if the deduction is not stopped in writing at the Parking Department. Failure to stop payroll deduction by electronic signature or in writing at the Parking Department will result in non refundable deductions.
Application for a new or renewal parking permit will not be accepted from any individual who has any unpaid University of Illinois Urbana Champaign parking citations; late fees; boot fees; or tow fees.
32. Compact Vehicle Parking
Compact Vehicle spaces shall be signed Compact Vehicle or Car Only.
A yellow line will be painted on the pavement near the opening of the stall. The line shall be painted near the rear of the space and parallel to the head of the space. The yellow line shall define the qualification of any vehicle entering the space as compact or not.
Any vehicle, after it has been parked, protruding beyond the compact vehicle line, defined by the furthest edge of the compact vehicle stripe to the head of the space shall be deemed in violation of the compact vehicle regulation.
Any vehicle found in violation will be subject to citation and or tow as the situation warrants. Enforcement officers will sight and confirm the violation prior to issuing any citation. Any portion of a vehicle that is found extending beyond the restriction line shall be in violation.
33. Parking Tickets
Parking enforcement is the responsibility of the New York City Police Department. If you have any questions about police policies or procedures in enforcing traffic regulations or issuing tickets.
34. Stopping Standing and Parking
If there is more than one sign posted for the same area, the more restrictive one is the one in effect. If a sign is missing on a block, the remaining posted regulations are the ones that are in effect. Please check the entire block and read all signs carefully before you park.
35. Alternate Side Parking
Many streets in New York have alternate side regulations, which allow for street cleaning. The City suspends alternate side parking regulations on 34 legal and religious holidays.
36. Valid Parking Permit
A valid parking permit is a hang tag or sticker issued only by UNL Parking & Transit Services. Recriprocal Permits Parking permits from UNK, UNO, and UNMC may be used on the UNL Campus. However, any University of Nebraska faculty, staff and students who are primarily assigned to the UNL campus must purchase a permit from UNLs Parking & Transit Services Office and may not use permits from other campuses.

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