parking rules

Parking Rules

There are certain rules that apply when it comes to parking.
21. Motorcycle permits
Motorcycle permits are valid in any motorcycle parking area in any of the on campus parking structures PSA, PSB, PSD, and PSX, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.
22. Permit use after hours on weekends
Regular permit holders at UPC and HSC can typically use their permit to park at any on campus lot or structure between the hours of 5:00pm 7:00am weekdays, and all day on weekends. NOTE: This does not apply to day use passes which must be purchased every day and are only good until midnight on the day issued, and holders of various specialty permits e.g., faculty one day or two day permits, evening permits, vendor permits. The use of a regular permit to park during special events or on football game days may be permitted, but parking in your specific lot structure is on a first come, first served basis, and is not guaranteed. Using a USC Housing specific permit to park on campus on football game days is not allowed. Please refer to the Transportation Services Quick Reference guide Where Can I Park? for more information.
23. Rights of ownership
As a private institution entity, the University of Southern California is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees have, in turn, fully empowered the Office of the University President to create within the USC Auxiliary Services Division the USC Transportation Services office, specifically for the stated purpose of establishing procedures designed to inform, educate, regulate, monitor, and enforce parking requirements for all University facilities, lots and structures.
24. Parking Guidelines
Parking regulations are in effect year round, including semester breaks. These enforcement regulations apply to all persons who operate motor vehicles or bicycles on Indiana University property.
It is the owners responsibility to read and fully understand the parking regulations. Professing ignorance of them will not be accepted as an excuse to alleviate fines assessed for violations.
Vehicles must park in established parking spaces only. Vehicles parked with tires touching or over the stall marker are subject to ticketing. In gravel lots, bumper blocks if present establish parking spaces. Parking on the landscape is never allowed.
The university reserves the right to change any parking regulation. Changes in the regulations will be announced through the campus newspaper and other appropriate media.
A parking permit is not a guarantee of a specific parking space. The driver is responsible for finding an authorized parking space and the lack of a space does not justify illegal parking. The person in whose name a parking permit is issued is responsible for all violations by all vehicles displaying that persons permit.
25. Driving
For campus safety, motorcycles should only be operated on the streets, and not operated on sidewalks or pedestrian paths.
26. Move out week
During the period when students are moving in and out of residence halls at the beginning and end of each semester, vehicles may be permitted to stand in adjacent driveways for up to 30 minutes for loading purposes. Each such vehicle must be constantly attended by a person who can move it immediately in the event of an emergency. An unattended vehicle may be towed at the owners expense.
27. Meter Parking
Vehicles displaying Indiana issued Disabled American Veteran license plates may park at any campus meter without feeding the meter if the disabled veteran is driving or being transported in the vehicle. Vehicles with any IU campus Disabled Permit may park at the Disabled meters and are not required to pay the meter. Only vehicles displaying a state issued Disabled license plate plaque are required to pay the meter. Any valid state issued Disabled plaque plate may park in an IU Disabled space after 5 p.m. without an IU Disabled Permit.
28. Handicap Parking
Daily visitors with handicapped license plates or placards from a government agency may park in designated handicapped spaces or at parking meters. University parking permits are required in non handicapped spaces. Faculty, staff including permanent non university staff students and long term parkers with handicapped license plates or placards must purchase a main campus permit. Faculty, staff and students requesting main campus parking for medical reasons must possess valid handicapped registration.
29. Free Parking
Motor vehicles and motorcycles operated or owned by Faculty Staff, Students, or members of their immediate family who park during restricted hours must display the appropriate current permit as indicated by the regulatory sign at the lot entrance.
30. Visitor Parking
Metered parking for university visitors is available on university streets, drives, and in several lots around the campus. Visitor Parking is marked by entrance signs designating Visitor Parking. Visitors must pay the established meter fee.
Day Meter Permits are available and may be used at university meters only, excluding university of Illinois short term 30 minute red meters. University meters are designated by the Block I displayed across the top of the meter. Day Meter Permits are available for purchase at the Parking Department or online.
Overnight Parking Monday through Thursday is allowed in Lot E14 and F23 only with the proper permit. A Temporary Permit may be purchased which contains a lot designator and expiration date.
Weekend Parking on Friday after 5 pm through 6 am Monday is permitted in the following lots without a permit at no charge.

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