parking rules

Parking Rules

There are certain rules that apply when it comes to parking.
1. Parking
To stop or allow to stand, any vehicle, for any length of time, whether said vehicle is occupied or not. Parking at USC is governed by these Rules & Regulations, and administered by Transportation Services.
2. Parking Pass
Daily parking pass purchased at provided by one of USCs entrances at either UPC of HSC. Typically purchased by guests or visitors, or provided for by a department Alt: Permit.
3. Parking Permit
For campus safety, motorcycles should only be operated on the streets, and not operated on sidewalks or pedestrian paths.
4. Parking Lot
Parking lots refer to open air surface parking areas either on or off campus.
5. Parking Structure
Parking structures are multi story parking facilities consisting of alternating flat sections and ramps. Structures typically provide handicap parking areas, carpool parking areas, electric vehicle parking areas, and an abundance of regular parking spaces.
6. Registered Owner
The person to whom a vehicle is legally registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Notifications regarding vehicle citations will always be sent to the Registered Owner unless the Registered Permit Holder registers their vehicle in our system and requests their local address be used instead.
7. Registered Permit Holder
The person to whom a parking permit has been issued by Transportation Services. May or may not also be the Registered Owner, as defined in Section 1.18. Example: A student may be the Registered Permit Holder, but one of their parents may be the Registered Owner.
8. Reserved Spaces
Spaces designated and identified by the presence of posted signs, curb markings, parking space markings or other similar devices commonly used to indicate motor vehicle parking spaces. With the exception of carpool spaces, Reserved spaces are reserved at all times for the person who paid for that specific space, or category of vehicles for whom the space is reserved, and should not be used by anyone not possessing a specific Reserved space permit for that type of space. See Sections 2.3 2.3.6b for more information.
9. Adherence to these rules
No vehicle shall be stopped, left standing or parked on USC property except in conformance with these Rules & Regulations. Observe all posted signs at entrances and individual parking spaces, as applicable. Failure to familiarize yourself with these Rules & Regulations, and or parking in a manner that violates these Rules & Regulations, may subject your vehicle to citation, immobilization, and or impound.
10. Everyone pays for parking
Parking at USC is not free. Every faculty staff member, student, and visitor, to either of our campuses or any of our facilities, is required to pay for parking or, if a visitor, have parking arranged in advance for them by the person department that they are visiting. This rule applies and may be enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including nights, weekends, and holidays. All persons parking in USC owned parking lots structures must display a valid parking pass or permit at all times, or their vehicle may be subject to citation, immobilization and or impound.

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