new years eve cake ideas

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New Years Eve Cake Ideas

New Year's Eve Cakes, Cookies Easy and Simple Ideas.
1. Easy Chocolate Stout Cake
This simple, yet rich and chocolaty stout cake is just right for last minute New Years celebrations. And revelers will love the combination of bitter stout and rich chocolate flavors.
2. Clementine Olive Oil Cake
Sweet, juicy, and easy to peel, clementines are one of the best year end treats there is. Theyll disappear from stores soon, so while theyre here, youll want to enjoy them as much as you can. This variation on our olive oil cake is a great way to showcase this fleeting seasonal pleasure.
3. Absolutely Amazing Apple Cake
Few flavor combinations are as nostalgic as apples and cinnamon, which makes this cake one thats sure to please a crowd. And even though its a classic, its not at all boring dried cherries and an impossibly moist crumb make it sing.
4. Lemon Mini Bundt Cakes
Some cakes are easy, some are delicious, and some are adorable. These lemon mini bundt cakes are all three.
5. Apple Blood Orange Buckle
Because of their exciting name, surprising appearance, and their singularly delicious taste, blood oranges are an increasingly popular ingredient for chefs everywhere. This blood orange buckle with apples makes spectacular use of this favorite slightly bittersweet citrus.
6. Decadent Chocolate Cake
This decadent chocolate cake takes only 45 minutes from start to finish. That gets you out of the kitchen and into your favorite chair with a mug of cider or that novel you got for New year.
7. Brown Sugar Tea Cake
This brown sugar tea cake is light and sweet, perfect for guests on the New Years Eve or for New Years Day brunch. The best part? At only 125 calories a serving, you wont need to break any resolutions to enjoy it.
8. Cranberry Orange Pound Cake
If you like to eat seasonally, winter can be tough, but there are still a few fruits that can you can enliven your winter dishes. Oranges are in season throughout the winter and were just drawing to the end of cranberry season now. Make the most of winters bounty with this quick and easy cranberry orange pound cake.
9. Blueberry Buttermilk Brown Sugar Cake
If winter weather has you down, this cake is a perfect way to bring a bit of summer to your table. Its bursting with so many blueberries, youll forget how cold and gray it will be once you step out the front door.
10. Lemon Cherry Crumb Cake
Feeling the need for a little sunshine? This lemon cherry crumb cake will transport you to a picnic on a sunny summer afternoon. And although cherries make it feel like such a summery recipe, it calls for frozen cherries so you can make it year round.

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