new year celebration ideas

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New Year Celebration Ideas

Celebrate New Years Eve in style, then here are these ways to crystallize the moment .
21. Aphrodisiac Foods to Get in the Romantic Mood With
If you arent looking for a big meal and could go for tasty little bites instead, you cant go wrong with these foods that will definitely create a romantic atmosphere on your New Years Eve.
22. Flowery Sip to Toast to Welcome 2015 With
When the clock starts approaching midnight, youre gonna want a delicious drink to ring in the new year with. This champagne hibiscus cocktail has just the right amount of fun and celebration packing into each glass.With a flower blooming within the glass, it gives this since that romantic touch to compliment the celebratory fizz of champagne. Say cheers with this cocktail perfect for a romantic New Years Eve.Watch our video tutorial to see how you can make this drink for NYE.
23. Ask Guests to Write Predictions for the New Year
Have your guests sign their predictions and place them into a bowl or a box. Then, during supper, take turns reading the predictions while everyone guesses who wrote them. It can be surprising how difficult it is to guess your friends predictions and its a great way to wrap up the night.
24. Celebration ideas 1
Do something adventurous. Find out what your significant other has always wanted to do, and just do it. You live once, so you may as well live life to the fullest at the start of the year; youll feel like youre on top of the world.Pick one, but make sure you think about it carefully. After all, midnight only strikes once. Where do you wish to be?
25. Celebration ideas 2
Planning a trip may be a bit of a headache, but nothing else will matter once you are sitting on a beach with warm, thin, white sand under your feet and the sun soothing your skin. Toast the New Year by the ocean.
26. Celebration ideas 3
Find out whether any masquerades, dances, or other such events are being planned in your area. Your girlfriend will love the effort and the fact that you are taking her to another world for a night, where youll both be tempted to loosen up and lose your inhibitions.
27. Celebration ideas 4
Invite friends, colleagues and family for some royal treatment at your place. You can cook or make it a potluck, where guests bring along a dish or two. Open up your wine cellar to friends, stock up the bar and go wild.
28. Celebration ideas 5
This is a perennial favorite. Invite some friends along and go club hopping, just make sure that you are with your loved one when the clock strikes midnight. Champagne anyone?
29. Celebration ideas 6
Nothing comes close to sitting in front of a fire with your girlfriend or wife, sipping on some wine and reflecting on the past year. Share your ups and downs, exchange resolutions with one another and try to help each other persevere in the year ahead.
30. Celebration ideas 7
Invite each of your close friends. Get together and blend the two circles to see whether they jive. Add some liquor, good music and delectable food to the mix and the chips will fall into place.

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