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Anything Sweet

Natural Healthy Summer Foods


Anything Sweet

Chocolate cakes, carrot cakes, cakes of every flavor are all American picnic fare. Is that really such a bad thing?
If they eat just a slice, that's fine, says Rarback. "In the summer, kids should be active enough that they can eat a piece of cake if they want it especially if the majority of their foods are nutrient rich. Its all about balance and moderation."

  • Bake cupcakes, brownies, or dessert bars instead of layer cakes for portion control. Lighten up cake and brownie mixes by replacing oil with half oil and half applesauce (or another fruit puree).

  • To give kids a chocolate fix, use chocolate shavings for flavoring on angel food cake, frozen yogurt, seasonal fruit, or other healthier treats. "Its better than giving them a candy bar," Rarback says.

  • A naturally sweet treat: grilled bananas, low-fat ice cream, a drizzle of melted chocolate and light whipped topping.

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