myth about allergies

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Myth about Allergies

An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Symptoms include red eyes etc.
1. Allergies are a nondestructive problem
Allergies are a serious problem and should be treated effectively. If left untreated, allergies can lead to impaired quality of life, including sleep and learning ability, as well as missed school and work days. Untreated allergies can also result in chronic respiratory problems, such as asthma and sinusitis, or dermatologic disorders, such as eczema and urticaria (hives). Some allergies, such as food allergies, drug allergies, or insect allergies, can even lead to a life threatening reaction called anaphylaxis.
2. Consuming local honey helps relieve seasonal allergy symptoms
Many people think savoring local honey will inoculate them against the allergens in their area (or at least boost tolerance). It seems logical, but its actually airborne pollen from trees, grass and weeds that spurs spring sniffles, not large, sticky flower pollen that is carried by bees to make honey.It s true that bees collect pollen from plants and honey has pollens in it from the local area. The wind carried pollens from trees, grasses and weeds that cause seasonal allergies are very light and stay airborne for a long time. The pollen in bee honey comes from flowers, and is very heavy and falls to the ground.
3. Allergies cause autism
There is presently no evidence linking allergies to autism and either in a child with allergies or a mother affected by allergies with a child in uteri.Autism is a very hard diagnosis to receive and parents are looking for a reason why it happened, but we do them a disservice when we point towards false leads and junk science. For example, the vaccine autism connection was refuted when the author of a controversial paper (Andrew Wakefield) was found to have fabricated data in order to make the correlation. Even though the study was discredited, it resulted in vaccination rates going down and a resurgence of measles and whooping cough.
4. Allergies arent Genetic
If both of your parents have allergies, you stand a good chance of developing them too.
5. Allergy shots don t work
Allergy shots ( immunotherapy ) are very effective. However, they cant be used to treat some allergies, such as food allergies. If you have an allergy to insect venom, the shots are effective in 98 percent of cases. They also work to control hay fever about 85 percent of the time.For the last 20 years, allergy shots have become more sophisticated and fine tuned, Costa said. The shots are typically given to people with the most severe symptoms. In 2014, we have a much better chance of using the right dosages of allergens than we did with your grandfather s allergy shots, he said. The FDA has recently approved daily tablets that dissolve under the tongue as an alternative to allergy shots, but they are only available for ragweed or grass pollens.
6. Short haired pets are better for people with pet allergies
Animal fur is not responsible for allergy symptoms. Instead, the allergen is produced primarily in the animal s skin, and to a lesser extent, its saliva. The allergen causes trouble when sloughed off particles of skin
7. Latex in carpet produces allergic reactions
The latex that holds the fibers and backing together in broadloom carpet is synthetic. Synthetic latex is not associated with the allergic reactions of natural latex, which are caused by the proteins found in natural latex.
8. Allergy is a psychosomatic disorder
Allergy symptoms can be very mild or severe enough to be life threatening.Allergy is a physical problem that stems from an immune system reaction against ordinary substances in our environment. The reaction occurs because the immune system reacts against these substances in the same way it has been programmed to react against a worm or parasite infection. This immune response mobilizes proteins called antibodies and several types of cells that are part of the immune system to set in motion the allergic reaction.
9. Over the counter drugs are all you need
Over the counter meds can get you over many allergy symptoms, but not necessarily all of them. You might need to meet with a doctor and get a prescription.
10. You Build Resistance to Medication
People think that since they dont feel any ease in their symptoms, that theyre resistant to their medication. This is because many allergy medications only prevent outbreak of symptoms, before you actually come into contact with any allergens.

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