most stylish airports in the world

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Most Stylish Airports In The World

World's most stylish airports photos and find more pictures in our photo galleries.
21. San Francisco CA
Think of as the recycled airport but in a good way.Architecture firm Gensler tackled a Doller 383 million renovation of the terminal, with a focus on being green.The result is the first terminal in the US to achieve LEED gold status.Building material from the old terminal was reused, and passengers can refill water bottles at hydration stations around the terminal.SFO also doubles as an accredited art museum look out
22. Wellington New Zealand
Welcome to, arguably New Zealand most dramatic airport.There nothing bland or business like about the design, which takes its inspiration from a series of boulders along Wellington south coast.Both the interior and exterior of the terminal are clad in folding sheets of copper and mimic the design of the boulder.The design does it have its critics, though, who say it looks a lot like a bunch of pumpkins.
23. Madrid Spain
The design of in the Madrid Barajas Airport has been described as joyful and exuberant.we would like to throw in whimsical and inspiring too.The undulating wooden ceiling is supported by a canopy of rainbow colored trees that makes it seem like you are walking through a magical forest.Other notable design elements include the massive, disk shaped lights and air conditioning vents, which look like sculptures.The architects, the Richard Rogers Partnership (as it was then called), won the prestigious Stirling Design in 2006 for their work on Terminal 4.
24. Winnipeg Canada
Opened in 2011, Canada newest airport is also its first LEED certified.Architecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli, which also worked on Malaysia took a mid century modern approach to the .The design uses plenty of glass and light and features floor to ceiling windows and more than 55 skylights.The architects have said the design is meant to mimic the expansiveness of the prairie.
25. Singapore
Changi Airport is consistently rated as one of the top airports in the world (not many airports can boast a pool, gardens, and cinema).While all the terminals are stylish, which completed a SDoller 500 million upgrade in July 2012 is a stand out.The redesigned terminal has a tropical garden theme, with plenty of spacious open areas.One highlight is the Kinetic Rain sculpture, which hovers over the departures area.Consisting of 1,216 raindrops made of aluminum and polished copper, the airport says it the largest kinetic sculpture in the world.Other dramatic installations include a lantern feature wall and giant lily pads.There is also a mind boggling variety of amenities, from spas and pools to playgrounds.
26. London Heathrow Airport United Kingdom
Heathrow is the busiest of London six airports, which together serve more than 130 million passengers every year.Its newest terminal for passengers, Terminal 5, opened in 2008 19 years after planning for its construction began.
27. Dubai International Airport United Arab Emirates
The main airport for the nearby city that shares its name, Dubai International Airport boasts both the largest airport terminal in the world and the second largest building in the world (by floor space), for its Terminal 3, which spans more than 12.7 million square feet.
28. Denver International Airport Colo
At more than 50 square miles, Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States and the second largest in the world, after Saudi Arabia King Fahd International Airport.
29. Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles
Sometimes called the Gateway to the Pacific Rim, the airport often referred to by its call letters (LAX) is perhaps best known for the spaceship style architecture of its Theme Building, a restaurant suspended by a pair of arches, with panoramic views of the airport runway.

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