most stylish airports in the world

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Most Stylish Airports In The World

World's most stylish airports photos and find more pictures in our photo galleries.
11. King Abdulaziz International Airport Saudi Arabia
Hajj terminal built specifically for pilgrims visiting Mecca covers 100 acres and is known for its tent shaped roof.
12. Denver International Airport US
Teflon coated fibreglass roof resembles the Rocky Mountain views, artwork often displayed inside, solar powered.
13. Los Angeles International Airport US
distinctive Theme Building resembles a flying saucer on four legs a restaurant is suspended beneath.
14. Marrakesh Menara Airport Morocco
Stylish exterior covered in arabesques blends modernity with tradition.
15. Samui Airport Thailand
Relaxing departure lounge feels more like a hip bar than an airport.
16. Madrid Barajas Airport Spain
Trendy Terminal 4, designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers, has won awards and is one of the world largest.
17. Dubai International Airport UAE
Euro 3 billion Terminal 3, very cool elevators.
18. Changi Airport Singapore
Butterfly garden, orchids, five metre Green Wall, handles 46.5 million passengers a year, has won over 390 awards.
19. TWA Flight Centre JFK
Recently refurbished, stylish exterior (designed by Robert Stern) made to resemble a bird landing, impressive interior with passenger tubes, aviation museum.
20. New York JFK Airport
The distinctive Worldport terminal at New York JFK Airport is earmarked for demolition.It was orignally known as the Pan Am terminal, and with its flying saucer shape, has appeared in a number of films, including Live and Let Die.Its impending demise has upset many, who see it as an important relic of the air travel glamorous heydey, and a campaign group is fighting to have it saved.

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