most precarious places on earth

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Most Precarious Places On Earth

Most Precarious Places On Earth
1. Trift Bridge Switzerland
As one of the highest and longest suspension bridges in the Alps nothing more than a couple planks of wood and some steel cables separate hikers from the icy glacier hundreds of feet below.
2. Half Dome Yosemite National Park
Although in the early 20th century this peak was declared perfectly inaccessible since then thousands of hikers have made the steep climb up its rocky slope with the assistance of a couple cables attached to the top.
3. CN Tower Edgewalk Toronto
On the 116th floor of the CN Tower there is a sidewalk that loops around the outside of the building. Every year between the months of May and October tourists can strap themselves in and lean out over the city to get a spine tingling adrenaline rush.
4. Devils Pool at Victoria Falls
This natural rock pool on the edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia is a popular destination for tourists seeking a close brush with death. If youre feeling adventurous you can even lay down with your arms extended over the edge.
5. The Eiger Switzlerand
This mountain in the Bernese Alps is one of the more treacherous climbs in the world. Its north face alone has claimed over 60 lives in the past 70 years.
6. Golden Rock Myanmar
Teetering on the edge of Mt. Kyaikhtiyo is a popular pilgrimage sight for Buddhists who believe the trek to the summit will give them good health and fortune.
7. Trolltunga Norway
Jutting out of the mountain above Skjeggedal in Odda, Norway, this outcroppings name literally translates to Trolls Tongue in Norwegian.
8. Tyrol Platform Austria
At first glance this observation deck located almost 11,000 feet above Stubai glacier near Tyrol, Austria looks like little more than a high dive platform. The only way to get here is to take a cable car and then climb a long staircase to the top. On clear days though, the journey is worth it with views reaching as far as Venice, Italy.
9. Gozo Cliffs Malta
Dropping straight down into the Mediterranean Sea these insanely high outcroppings are perfect for cliff diving, or maybe just watching the sunset if you want to play it safe.
10. Llangollen Canal Wales
Just east of Llangollen, Wales you will find the worlds longest and highest aqueduct. Every year it ferries thousands of boats across its narrow span and with no guard rails the ride can be a bit annerving as the boat slams against the metal sides of the trough.

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